Understand Your Calling as a Christian:Why God Has Placed You Where You Are

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Title: Embracing the Everyday Mission: Your Field is Right Where You Are

Saturday 2/24/24

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to overlook the profound mission field that surrounds us. We often associate missions with grand endeavors—trips to far-off lands, weeks of preparation, and courageous feats of evangelism. And while these are undoubtedly valuable experiences, we sometimes forget that the most significant opportunities for spreading the message of Jesus Christ are right in front of us, in the mundane moments of our everyday lives.

Think about it: where do you spend most of your time? Perhaps it's at work, where you interact with colleagues and clients day in and day out. Maybe it's at school, surrounded by classmates who are navigating the challenges of academic life. Or it could be at the grocery store, where you cross paths with people from all walks of life as you go about your shopping routine.

These seemingly ordinary places are not just locations on a map; they are fertile ground for planting seeds of faith. Jesus Himself reminded His disciples in John 4:35 that the fields are "white already to harvest." And just as He spoke those words to His followers, He speaks them to us today.

Our neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and acquaintances are not just faces in the crowd. They are individuals with stories, struggles, and hopes—people who are searching for meaning and longing for someone to reach out to them with the message of hope and redemption.

The beauty of this mission is that it doesn't require a passport or a plane ticket. It doesn't demand elaborate plans or extensive resources. Instead, it calls for open hearts and willing spirits, ready to be vessels of God's love and grace right where we are.
Why does God want to use you in this mission? Because you already have a relationship with these people. You have influence with them. They trust you, and they will listen to you when you share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So, let's open our eyes to the opportunities around us. Let's be intentional about building relationships and sharing the love of Christ in the places where we live, work, and play. Let's allow the Holy Spirit to guide us as we step out in faith, knowing that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

The mission field is not just a distant land; it's right outside our front door. Are you ready to embrace the everyday mission and be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around you? Let's go forth with courage and compassion, for the harvest is plentiful, and the time is now.
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Dana Price - February 24th, 2024 at 10:08am

Great words. I’ve always said our greatest mission field is our own community. But we also need to remember it’s the most dangerous mission field because these are the people who are not only hearing our words but watching our actions. 1 wrong thing could damage our Christian witness to those around us.

Steve Biehl - February 24th, 2024 at 2:47pm

Good word. Unsaved people who the Holy Spirit is calling to be born again, don’t always know how to respond, to the Holy Spirit. It’s always awesome to be there when people are that ripe.